Who Can we Help ?

Butterflies offers a range of services to assist and support
vulnerable adults to live an independant life within their own
home, (subject to appropriate funding).

We are also able to offer support to your main carer, so they
can enjoy their favourite pastimes.
As we are fully registered with the Care Quality Comission, we
are able to offer our services to the following groups of people:

• The elderly - including frail and vulnerable people
• People with mental ill health
• People with physical disabilities including people who have lost
their sight or hearing
• People with long-term illness or disease
• People with terminal illness
• People recovering from illness
• People with a learning disability
Tel: 02380 015109
CQC Registration Number - 1-208170845
At Butterflies, we know how much it means to you to stay in your
own home and we are here to help you do that.
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